So i start my Blog by saying hello to my readers and that i hope this finds you safe and well!!!

I started my journey writing my blogs, mind you i have only written a few but thats nothing i cant change is it!!

So we have been having ALOT of problems with our 21 year old daughter, long story short she is a real nightmare, hard work to the core, without actually knowing she has done anything at all.

Its like a nightmare everyday and night and i dont think i can take anymore, i dont know if she is bi-polar or schizophrenic, but its coming between everything i do… relationship with all 3 of her brothers especially the oldest of the boys who is just shy of 18, but mostly its really coming between my relationship between my other half…its never been easy, because she has been doing all these things for many many years.

I am not in the mood to talk let alone have a relationship, im feeling trapped, urgently wanting to get out, just grab my bags and walk, but i would never leave my babies.

Im finding myself so annoyed from the minute i wake, even bad dreams when i am asleep, im having a flare up of PTSD and i can tell you its so hard to not tell everyone to leave me alone.

I dont know which sand mound to bury my head in, but this is too much.

Why does my own daughter feel the need to play games, destroy me and grind me into the floor, well i think i brought this on myself because i never executed many if any rules as she was growing up, she got to this age and if i tell her to do a thing, she unleashes hell on us then cant remember what she has done.

Either way im fed up of going to battle every single day, its not a battle if i am completely silent and have no voice, if i so much as pipe up all hell breaks loose.



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