Arghhhh ThreadWorms!!!!!!!


Well it scares me to say that my 1st blog is titled THREAD WORMS, but whilst these little beasts exist in our world I have never EVER come across them in the 21 years that I have been a mother, that is until last Friday!!!!
Our 6 year old son wakes up crying (he doesn’t usually get fazed by a thing, so isn’t much of a crier) I ask him what’s wrong?
“My bum is itchy and stingy” he says back.
Ok so into the bathroom we go, where I take a look!
I honestly scratched my head thinking he had dry skin round his little behind UNTIL I look closer and saw them there!!!!!!
“What is it?” He asked me.
I stand up, wide eyed with shock horror!
“Hmmm nothing my darling, its just a bout of worms” (how could I say such a thing)

Crying my beautiful baby turns to me with such fear, and started crying out “worms! I’ve got worms coming out my bum?”

Anyway, my husband to be got the medicine we all needed and we took it, the same day! I have been spring cleaning, washing, scrubbed everything in site, now our 2 year old has them! It seems the Ovex takes a while to work, and we need to re-treat on day 14!!!
We are a very clean family, our little Joshua got these I think from the big trampoline park we went to, but I cant be sure for he also bites his nails when he’s anxious about something, so it could of been anywhere.
I am horrified by the look of these little pests, I hate worms ect, especially if they are on my babies!!!


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