I swear I know how to use Instagram?

Well hello there and kind greetings my WordPress friends 😊 you’d never believe that it is December 2016 and one week ago I got myself an Instagram for the first time ever ( I know right 😲) its actually going really well, all I do is take a picture and write a caption with it, it’s fun and creative and so much bloody easier than good ole Twitter, but you see I love Twitter and do you know why? Well let me tell you, I like a challenge and I feel like on twitter you have to almost work for your followers, its a pretty cool place to be nothing like Facebook, I find FB unbelievably boring its like a “Dear diary I hate and snoop on everyone’s lives kind of place” BUT anyway I’ve found a new love and that love os called Instagram πŸ’– hope Twitter understands but if it likes I will still be there regularly writing my beloved quotes etc and updating on my books ( that coincidently I haven’t had an offer of a publish of sorts yet, I’m patient though) so hope your all enjoying yourselves and looking forward to all the upcoming festivities because i know I am with my loved ones 😊 for now take care friends. 😘





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