The End Of A Chapter.

How is it i have come to the end of my first ever book? I have sat staring at it for what seems like forever.

So i have finished and i was completely ecstatic, i mean wow what an amazing achievement  if not for anyone else then for myself, so now i come to the searching my already literary agents etc, writing a great query letter and a synopsis..I think that as writers you will all appreciate how “hard” they actually are to produce.

I have been sitting here for two days (amongst all the family stuff going on around me) i have seriously written so many things, just on these two things alone that i have filled a Pukka Pad, it really is mind boggling to me. I understand that a Synopsis is to basically tell my story in short (not a blurb in anyway) but to me its crazy that i am finding it so hard to tell it with the points i want to stand out to the agent, i fear they will look at it (when it is done of course) and roll their eyes thinking the story is no good.

I am quite a pessimistic person really, i wasn’t really blessed with the power of optimism, i mean i am not COMPLETELY pessimistic, i am just a worrier.

I have not once suffered writers block whilst typing up my beloved book, but i really am struggling now, i have started but i closed my pad and played with the children instead.

I don’t really know how to plan it out and so on.

At the end of the day i WILL get it done, like tonight maybe.

I am tired from thinking and although some people think that’s a bad thing, my brain does mysterious things when i am like that, its like everything is crystal clear, so i know it will come to me it is only a matter of time.


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