And That Is A Wrap!

Greetings followers, hope you are all doing well and enjoying your writings, whatever they may be.

Today was an extremely important day for me, a major achievement for i wrapped up writing my book! (Wow i say to myself how the heck did you manage that girl, what with all five other people in your household needing that constant stream of attention everyday, well i did it FINALLY).

I have been through it so many times i think i could read it backwards. I have sifted through it so many times with a fine tooth comb that i can only imagine i will kick myself if something else pops up on me now, but here’s hoping and fingers crossed and all that jazz.

I have been researching literary agents for a few years now (may as well be ahead of my own game right? plus i like to try my best to be prepared and ready for things when i need them) i have the list in front of me and all their details and requirements etc.

I feel so excited “I am prepared for the rejection letter” i say in a sing song voice, to which Michal my husband to be rolls his eyes and mutters “Yes dear, anything you say darling” in all truth the realistic thought of me being rejected is not a very wonderful thought for him i can tell you, but i am optimistic and that is all that matters at this point.

So i am on my way, if not for any other reason, then for myself! I have juggled being a stay at home mother, dirty nappies, family this and that’s and everything you could more or less imagine, BUT i set my goal years ago and although i am a little late in starting this whole process…i have done it and i am one happy mama i can tell you.

I could go on but i shall leave it there for it is ten PM and my children have decided they want pizza ON A WEEK NIGHT …the older ones i mean and since i am helping my five year old back from chicken pox and a sore throat because they are EVERYWHERE you can imagine, plus i am still nursing my two year old that seems to think it funny to have me run up and down stairs all night.

So i gave in and made them pizza meanwhile running back and forth trying to write my bloody Blog.

Moral of the day- Do not eat pizza late at night if you suffer heartburn (I do not take heed of my own advice really do i )

Goodnight my friends.


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