Rainy Saturdays

As i sit this morning at my kitchen side typing up my Blog, i have the kitchen windows behind me wide open and of course we have been waiting for some rain, any little bit of rain, you see the weather has been sweltering hot, to the point that when Michal (the lovely husband to be) comes in from a night shift, he cant believe his eyes whether in a good or bad way, because lets face it, even though i am ease with my post baby body and so is he i do have a habit of standing naked in the big mirror and squeezing my little apple tummy and shouting Michal over “Hey babe, its the mirror that makes me look like that isn’t it? We REALLY do need a new mirror”.

I hear the mamas out there laughing and nodding in tune to my asking of such a question. Thing is maybe i am not at such ease with this post baby body, in my mind though (Excuses, excuses i know) i am STILL breastfeeding our little one even though he is two years old and it is slowing down now and i just don’t exercise like i should.

I got Michal to take me to the supermarket and i kid you  not i think i bought ever exercise outfit in there, purple sports bra, matching leggings and bright pink sneakers or trainers, i hate pink, but id seen them on the plus size mannequin and my mind said “Go for it, you will look great!” so even if they are still hanging in the wardrobe, the point is every time i open the wardrobe and they look me dead in the face, the bright colours are saying “come on put me on, show me what your made of, you can do it” and so everyday i think  “Right nows the time” then i close the wardrobe and get out my laptop to finish up writing my book, then i start feeling a bit lousy, so i grab myself just one Kitkat bar (WARNING=complete fabrication, i mean three) and stuff my face.

In the garage i have myself a running machine and elliptical trainer to use, the first time i used the latter i almost collapsed with heart failure or something, this is new to me!!

Before having the two youngest, i had been a runner since the age of twelve, i won an award when i was fourteen for beating the British army in an assault course race, i was an Army Cadet, and busting a gut to live the rest of the foreseeable future  in army life. I believed i was better than most of the males in my team.

Fast forward years later, I’m tired mentally and psychically, but i figured out that when you have two kids five and under plus a teen and a twenty year old, this requires much more strength  than i ever needed then, plus i am older, my fitness is diabolical and i am almost five stone heavier than i was then, well lets not beat around the bush no more, i need to stop with all the crap and move my ass, i am thirty seven and moving this and improving my fitness will be harder than when i was twenty five.

I tried Slimming World, but i eat little and far too often, they eat MASSIVE meals, its just too much for me in one go, so i dropped out. I will lose it better with pure exercise.

Anyhoo i shall leave it there for today, it is far too hot in here.

Realistic goal for tonight when the kids are in bed= Get them damn clothes on and make this body work right again!!!!!

TrueNorth right?


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