Break-In’s :(

Good morning all! I hope this finds you all safe and well.

Well i shall start this by saying i wish we had more protection laws in the UK, now i am not a person who is up to date on the laws etc on an intruder in your home, but if my children are in bed and i hear an intruder something does happen to my mind and i kind of flip out, which is a normal instinct of fear isn’t it.

So last night my great friend, godmother of  children and people i class as our family, sent me a message telling me to lock all my doors, windows etc, it was 12Am and she was still up, her husband (Godfather to our kids also) was asleep in bed ready for work for in the morning. She heard the patio doors sliding open at the back, now thank god we all have dogs round here, for her dog went ballistic, My friend went to see what it was and her dog had obviously chased the person over the gate.

I have PTSD due to something that happened like this years ago, but it turned out much much worse for me, my ex-husband and our two kids. I have in the 16 years since learnt to control this god awful disorder, but when me and my husband to be met, and before we had the youngest two children, we lived in an upstairs apartment, luckily the older two kids were at their grandparents, but someone came looking for the person living downstairs and long story short they kicked my door into pieces, i would not let my hub to be near them, i grabbed the biggest kitchen knife and chased them off, i was scared out my mind, and it led me to snap and try to chase them down.

Later on they committed a violent crime and were apprehended.

The fact is i have everything in my head, flashbacks, escape routes and although you may think crazy person, i am still here to tell the story years later, many are not.

Moral of the story…I am a mother, i have a mothers instinct, if an intruder comes into our home, i am then have the instinct of a mother bear

When all is said and done i will make sure to triple check my doors.


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