Mrs Routine

As i sit here in bed with my cup of tea, typing my blog, with a 2yr old plus 5yr old trying to kick me out of my own bed (ohhh what must it be like to starfish in a lovely big bed) Joshi our 5yr old was scared of the dark and no amount of reasoning would help, and Izaak our 2yr old is still nursing and with Michal working nights, i wonder at the ripe age of 37 (i sense you rolling your eyes you know) if ever i will know what it is like to sleep a full nights sleep!

I was what the older kids call “crabby” this morning, you see I woke up to Michal snoring so loud and Joshua and Izaak had put toothpaste (a whole tube) all over the en-suite, although i predict it was Joshua who may have opened it and Fizz who squirted it…either way i instantly became a true grump.

The night before i was on a roll with my book and as is often the case with writers, it was a late one, but as i was on this roll our 21 year old, Gabs asked me to cut her hair, seems i was taking far too long so she took the scissors and messed it up (well shouldn’t be thinking we know better then aye) all in all i was productive in my writing but it was a hectic evening (I really have no idea why the minute I “YES I” need to get something of MAJOR importance to me, the kids alllll need a piece of me).

I’m looking outside from my bed, my hair is all over, it seriously looks like a lions mane.

I’m standing talking to myself trying to brush through it (I’d have more luck having a shaved head sometimes) “Why did i have to get my dads hair” i say out loud through gritted teeth as i stand in only my knickers and bra.

Izaak of course being only two years only nips my bum and calls me piggy (yeah thanks kid) and Joshua being a curious five year old says i need to lose weight other wise i will turn into a burger like his story :O (I hear the gasps from you mama’s out there, oh tell me you sympathize, just tell me?) my lovely other half sits up in bed looking like a cave man, one eye shut, the other trying to focus on where i am in the room and mumbles like a sleep talking loonie at how i am the most beautiful woman alive and then i hear snoring coming from him again. hmm.

You see all six of us living in this house, obviously have all different natures, but in a morning when i am just trying to start my day and then all these different moods come crashing down on me, well at times i feel like laughing whilst pulling my hair out.

the thing is they think i am the one who is crabby of a morning! Fancy them thinking that, i often mumble to myself that i will pack myself a bag when we win the lottery and off i will go to the beautiful desert island that i purchased, and then when i say this out loud they look at me like i am the most neurotic mother EVER, so i say “yeah well, then if you wanted to get hold of me, just ask for CRABBY”.

On a serious note though the sky may be grey outside but our house is like a techni couloured rainbow, it is everything all rolled into one, balanced enough that it is perfection at its best and i would never change it for anything.



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