A Legend Flies Away.

ali-in-khalilah_galleryImageWhen i look at Muhammad Ali i see a father, a husband, a man that has been through ALOT of different things as a family man.

When i look at this picture of him and his family, i see a normal family, dad’s probably driving mum mad, letting his kids get away  with all sorts, mums probably tired and doing the normal things mum does, only its twice as hard for this mama because she has to worry about her children’s daddy getting hurt in the ring, and that will in turn drive her nuts.

I feel so sad that we lost this ultimately great man, i always find it so hard when someone who i have known about since before i can remember passes on, but for this man i feel total sadness, my father had Ali on a shrine almost, he absolutely loved him and spoke about him so much, so with the death of Ali, it has brought memories flooding back of missing my own father.

Am i the only one who ever thought there was a baby born at the exact time that Ali passed, that can only mean he lives on.

This is just a short little personal piece really, i feel the need to pay my respects for this wonderful man, and the amazing family that took care of him in every way.

Sleep Well my darling, keep flying high now, never letting the standards down.



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