Confessions Of A Sinner!!

I confess that when i was 14 years of age i skipped school once and went somewhere with my best friend and drank myself into a stupor.

I confess that i just missed my dad and had a MAJOR problem with my Step-dad.

I confess that from the age of four, i was totally crazy about watching the news, the Ethiopians who were dying of starvation and thirst, the first Gulf War, The Bosnian War.

I confess i laid there night after night worrying about my mother in the most ridiculous way.

I was gangly and red headed with freckles i might add (Oh no! not the freckles and red hair i hear you saying) i was skinny and small, skin the colour of milk.

I could go on and on but obviously if you do read my Blogs you will quite evidently see a pattern of “Soul searching” going on during the times i read my book, i’m not actually sure why this happens but just in case you think i’m sad or down etc, i am only doing my job! A job that i am so in love with, that ever since i stopped writing about my life and doing a book of a completely different genre and nature, i have been the most happiest in my life, i no longer feel the need to feel bad for things i haven’t or have done, that now it is time for me and my little family of six to live our beautiful lives.

The moral of this jumbled story is that, yes indeed i have a jumble mind, but i am in no way a stupid girl! We all have to live our lives and aim for our full potential.

I have no idea why it took me so long to say goodbye to a blood family that hurt and used their “Blood” status to abuse me, time and time again.

People raise eyebrows when i say that i have cut them off completely, and i am not going to pretend it has been a walk in the park, it has been horrendous  at times, so many things have happened in the past 37 years, I WILL not lose anymore time.

We as a family of six have and are still finding our TrueNorth!!!!



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