Safe And Well

Morning all, hope this finds you safe and well.

Safe And Well?

What exactly does that mean? does it mean that the person hopes your tucked up in bed all nice, warm and comfy?

Or is there a darker side to what the person means, like watch your back, don’t say nothing! kind of thing.

I heard this once and i pondered it in my own mind until it really looked like a devilish thing to say, or at least that what i feared about this certain person.

This was a person i absolutely adored, i would of done most things for this person, i never turned my back for years upon years…but year after year i found myself resenting the person and wishing i could just knock off any contact i had ever had.

Until one day i received a Visitation order through my door, i sat and stared at the order for about 5 years, i never returned it and equally i never turned up.

My own logical thing in all this was that perhaps i had been a door mat so to speak, for my WHOLE life.

I had another baby and i felt a little ill when he was born, i hadn’t long lost my father and i just felt the grief was taking me over.

One day i silently snapped and sat in my room, through my tears and grief and joy all mixed up i came out with one solution….

To cut myself off from the person altogether.

I struggled for a LONG time with the separation of a person i loved with all my heart, but ultimately loyalty to me is something much much deeper than just saying “oh i am loyal” it just doesn’t cut it with me.

I lost the person and i grieved and in the end i realized i had done the right thing.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a relative or not, we must never be a doormat and when all is said and done you are in control of your own fate mostly.

Blood is thicker than water  but we can add a little water to the blood and its just the same.

At the end of the day you will always find your




4 thoughts on “Safe And Well

  1. (The expression sound and safe kind of remind me of loud and clear….)
    I liked the way you express your thoughts here in an accurate and open way… You are right, at the end we might find our True North… Even if the map or location changes somehow, as circumstances of time and place do… And the same principle applies to ourselves…
    Thanks for the good reading… Happy weekend. Aquileana ☀️


    1. Your so right about that! it is the hardest thing ever, and when you just feel like getting back intouch, you have to shake your head and think “no no this happened for a reason”. Thank you for the comment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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