Like-Minded People

As i sit here in peace with all all three boys safely tucked up in bed and the daughter out at her friends, i wonder to myself what will become of me as a woman, a person (I do have other capabilities than being a mama you know 😉 )

You see i will be frank with you, my baby boy Izaak or Fizz as we call him is two years old and still breastfeeding (oooo so controversial i know) he will stop before his third birthday, but anyway i am off track with this…

I understood that when you breastfeed your baby you get hunger pangs and your energy gets a little low, which is why i am STILL two years after giving birth…two stone over weight.

You would’t laugh if you could see me sat here with a double hot chocolate and a ham sandwich on…wait for it…WHITE BREAD …gasp i hear you go! i have to confess before that i sneaked the kid’s cheese strings out of the fridge also and i feel so guilty as i am thinking about the snickers bar in the drawer that’s shouting me to come and eat it.

I am supposed to be getting married soon, and although i actually have lost weight, i thought to myself yesterday that when a woman asked what i have on at the moment and i turned around and said “Oh i’m a writer” i stood and looked at her and waiting for an expression of “hmmm that explains the weight then”, but she was so excited and just exclaimed “oh wow can i read it please”.

This woman is a very special woman  in our lives for she has and is taking care of our two youngest children, and when i say she is truly magical with kid’s well she is.  She is the Pre-school teacher.

We wandered down to our local beach yesterday and since I’ve been sick of late (that bloody lurgy) Michal took me down there and played with Fizz whilst i wrote away and looked out over the Irish Sea and let my mind take my writing on to it’s next exciting journey.

When all is said and done i have to learn not to be scared to be so happy with this life that i truly believe is just so bloody perfect.

Hope this finds you all well and doing well with your Blogging and writings.




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