High On Life!

Let’s start this off by saying my 2 yr old and i am sick today, i am of course what i think is a reasonably good mother (Our 21 yr old will be at home till 51, must be doing something right aye) but i am by no means perfect, i used my lovely t-shirt today to wipe a big snot bubble from Izaak’s nose and this morning when he was climbing, kicking and headbutting me in a fit of the terrible two’s, i ground my teeth, looked up to …i have no idea who and shouted “Pleeeeeaaaaseeee why me” (ungrateful cow, i hear you say) but then i made my Chai Latte (The Chai HAS to be relaxing right?) and i was back to my normal crazy self, crawling on all fours pretending to be a dog that was chasing the baby, until our REAL dog Dexter thought i was a threat to the baby and growled at me (Go away i shouted, do you realize i am playing with my child, not your’s , to which Dexter got on my leg and tried to hump it…weirdo).

I sat down to my laptop, my BELOVED book and just as i am starting my chapter 15, Izaak climbs on me and smacks the keyboard, the laptop crashed, locked out and i couldn’t get in! I managed after an hour, but i had lost half of chapter 14 (i have since rectified that of course THANKFULLY).

I phone Michal (my hub to be) “You better come home and take me and Izaak to play school, i am never gonna get this book done at this rate” so off we went to sign him up to a lovely place that our 5 yr old Joshi used to go to and Izaak knows them a bit too. He starts on Monday (I know i’m complaining but he is my world so for now he will only be attending on a Monday and Wednesday just morning sessions) that way i shall get my book done much quicker.

It’s quite funny really the going on’s in our home, i wish you could watch us through a camera (Better not say things like that really) okay you would probably think we never sit down for 5 seconds out of the day, but you know what we have all that i ever wanted.





UNITY and ultimately i have found my TRUENORTH!


2 thoughts on “High On Life!

  1. Lol! That’s awesome and just a little bit of perfect. My kids are finally all grown to a point where they would prefer I not spend so much time with them, but I remember and cherish the days when they were young no matter how many times they drove me crazy at the time. 🙂

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