My 5 YR old is an Author!!!

Well i guess it goes to show aye, if you truly put your mind to matter how young or old you are, you can succeed in being what you enjoy!

You see i have been working on my book for a long while now (Practically all of my adult life, i just changed the subject to something i found exciting and new) then one day our 5 Yr old son (Joshua) comes home from school and hands us a letter.

This letter is explaining that together as a class, they have been offered a book deal and the prayer book they have done is being published by might i add a good publisher!

Today we received a copy of the book its beautiful and i wish i could share a photo, but i am not a silly as to let out where my baby goes to school (You can understand in today’s day)

It is 278 pages long (Bloody typical that a bunch of 5 yr old’s have beat me to it) and Joshua’s prayer say’s “Dear Lord, forgive me for not looking after my toys..Amen.”

We are not really religious people (although i do believe that i do believe 🙂 ) but i was just bursting with pride at the first page mostly (because i have a feeling that when they asked Joshi what prayer he wanted he would of said “ooowww please lord can i have a DARK vader light saber and chocolate and a really really really massive huge house with the biggest garden so mama can have a swimming pool” as you do when your only 5 yrs of age) it say this prayer book was written by class one and belongs to (School name) I am a published author. I am proud to be one of the writers of this book. My contribution can be found on pages 77 and 78. I am 5 years old.

How adorable can something like this be, we are so proud as mum and dad.

Now on the more “I’m never so serious” kind of note, i am seriously going to have to kick arse at MY book now, i have the hardest competition right now and it’s in the shape and form of a 5 yr old, who is better known as my little ray of sunshine.

Always strive for your dreams and never let your hopes be dashed for you will always find your way home with TRUENORTH.


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