Nosey Neighbours

Today has been a slow day for my beloved book (TrueNorth) in fact i haven’t written anything of yet, it most certainly has been a funny old day really with the neighbor’s directly opposite our house, they stare at us through the window’s (I really am not a paranoid crazed woman MOSTLY) they are Jehovah Witnesses and they call round all the time “i really have nothing against you in life, i just don’t want to be a JW, nothing will ever change my mind” i tell them kindly. I just don’t want to be bothered by anyone really, i am what i am, and i am most definitely at peace with myself!

It is terribly hot here in England, at one point i got on the phone to Michal (father of the house) and moaned at how fed up i was because i was bored and sweaty (It’s a bloody good job that man love’s me) i was.

I planned to get down and dirty with my book this morning whilst Izaak (our 2 yr old) was watching TV, but then i remembered much to my dismay (I’m really really not selling myself at the good mother vibe here am i?) that William (16) had another dentist appointment to have some major work on his poor teeth. The dentist was a nice enough man a specialist too! He pulled out the drilling thingy (Not familiar with the technical wording for all that’s used) and begun drilling. The actual drill part was loose and it flew of at extremely high pressure and almost hit me in the nose (picture Michal pulling up in the car with a screaming Izaak because he is bored, and seeing me coming out with a bloody broken nose) BUT it missed THANKFULLY.

I saw my wonderful husband to be for about 2 hours on and off, he was working non stop and boy did i feel sorry for him, he said “Come on sweetheart you better get a bloody move on with that book of your’s” and then stuck his tongue out at me.

So i thought that night time is generally the best time i can get my Blog done, and i do enjoy doing it (you try doing it in the morning in this house, Izaak screams for a banana, an apple, crisp’s, choc choc…anything to get my attention) and so i’m going to do it on the night’s when i have time from now on.

My favorite time to write is early in the morning, when the sun is rising but in all realism i am quite literally scary at that time, i look worse for wear, I’ve been up all night either with snoring, cry or breastfeeding (i know, i know i should stop, but dammit people i need my sleep and so i keep on but i will stop before his 3rd birthday).

Gab’s our daughter (21) came down this morning ready for work this morning, i was dancing round the kitchen in front of my laptop, piece of toast in hand and Chai Latte in the other, white concealer round my eyes and brown lip liner (Mid-makeup..oh the joy’s of being a bloody woman) rapping away to Warren G’s Regulate. She looked at me tutted and said “Mother what-ever next! Are you going to do your book today?” I replied with “Yes daughter”  and gave her a lovely salute that turned into a kind of ballerina spin if you will. “Hmm” she said and off she went on her way.

I think the kid’s forget sometime’s that half of the music they listen to today i was listening to way before they were born, i mean i am ONLY 37 (Ridiculous).

On wards and up wards aye!

Look’s like North has been a naughty boy in my book, and his eternal love is just about to wave bye bye to him for all eternity, let’s hope someone can help him out ASAP, she really is rather evil when she’s angry and there are ALOT of people trying to turn her against him, finger’s crossed that my North survives aye!

I really must do a Blog about how i came about my book title soon.

When all else fails you MUST always look TRUENORTH.




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