Daydream believer

So it’s he morning after the night before if you will.

I’m STILL Pre-menstrual but i’m feeling sunny and ready to run a mile today (Not that i could run a mile these days if i tried it’d probably kill me for i’m an awful fag ash lil these day’s, awful habit i know but i have been smoking since i was 14, i NEED to stop.)

The kid’s are quiet this morning, and i feel quiet too, not too quiet for my normal silliness though.

It was just the fight of Amir Kahn, he fought so well i can’t believe he was knocked out after fighting so so well, he live’s quite local to me really (How do mother’s sit and watch their babies fighting in a ring, if i saw my son knocked out, oh boy, there wouldn’t be a single man nor an army that would stop me from getting in that ring and whooping his little hyde.)

So on with my writing i go, i feel rather betrayed by the character i am most like in my book and it’s amazing how the story seems to be flowing (of course i sit here finishing my Blog off at 8 pm this evening because it’s been almost 30 degrees outside, and since here in England it mostly rain’s, i thought i’d get out with my family for a BBQ and what not) it’s running smoothly and my finger’s can not for the life of me type fast enough to keep up with my thought’s and excitement for what will come of my TrueNorth.

I’ve been dreaming again recently, strange dreams almost like a deja-vu,  like i have been there before, it’s a strange conception of how i come to have idea’s for my writing’s but i also find it quite comforting.

The children are in bed, i came down to this waiting for me (Michal push’s me to embrace these dreams of mine) and a lovely glass of Bacardi Oak with a posh slice of lime hanging on the side of the glass. I have the warm summer breeze blowing over me after my cool shower and the smell of coconut and pineapple that i sprayed are wafting through the air.

When all said and done i’m a pretty lucky lady really after all it seem’s i perhaps have also found my TRUENORTH and maybe sometime’s i should shut up and just learn to be happy once and for all, i may not be rich in money but i most definitely am rich with the love i have from Michal and the kid’s.




5 thoughts on “Daydream believer

  1. Lovely post. Awesome to have someone pushing you to achieve your dreams. I look forward to your books. Maybe an excerpt here or there to catch the potential reader’s eye?


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