Morning Coffee!

As i sit at the kitchen table to type up my daily Blog, i’m looking onto the back garden through our patio doors, if you can picture it Joshua 5 and Izaak 2 are running a mock, screaming, shouting, we have the loudest kids in the world, meanwhile the dog Dexter is barking at the cat Malakai, because he,s chasing him round the garden hissing and scratching at him.

I can see people are still in bed, lucky bugger’s i don’t see why anyone has the right to be in bed when I’ve had about two hours sleep due to Michal snoring all night (i did think about holding his nose for ten minutes, but then he probably wouldn’t breathe at all, because even a brass band cant wake him up, then id obviously be writing from a cell somewhere, which in all reality, id get to write my book in peace, but no one would take it on because i would then be a criminal.

Sleep deprivation makes me, and this is no joke..i swear i turn green and strip off running round the room hating the world, whilst Michal lays there wide eyed, then roles over and carries on snoring. You would have to be here to understand (Obviously im not a complete nutcase that needs sectioning, just for a rest a may add..please section me, please!)

Moving on to a more mentally stable Blog (as i read back and laugh to myself hysterically, still finding myself funny of course)

It was such a beautiful morning, the sky was blue and the sun was shining, so the kids are all dressed up in shorts, t-shirts and sandals, Now though its overcast, grey and i think its about to rain, which in my opinion is bloody annoying because it means i’m locked in the house with the screamers, pulling my hair out.

I have my morning coffee (with sweeteners of course because i ate a full chocolate fudge cake in secret last night, so the sweetener will make up for the billion calories I’ve put on YET AGAIN)

The mood of the day is so spot on it couldn’t be anymore perfect for writing, i got A LOT done last night.

As i look outside and see how stormy and and unpredictable it looks i feel excited for tonight when i’m settling down with my laptop, i am so besotted with my characters, i feel like every single one of them as i change chapters.

I’m at the nitty gritty part, when things are dark and delusional, its oozing with anger and lust and love and betrayal. I relate to my male character more than my female character, i guess i just have more in common with him than her, but equally i know her aswell, after all i took all these demons and thoughts and dreams out of my head and heart and they are now a reality.

Honestly i cant wait to finish and go through it time and time again until all the grammatical mistake and spelling is perfect, i think i’ll cry when i am finished because its like i have everything i wanted to say out there.

Ultimately for me, for my dream part of me, life has only just begun.


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