First blog post

This is my first ever Blog! Don’t ask me how i got to 37 almost 38 years of age without really knowing what a Blog is?

My teen’s would talk of Blogs at one point, of course i know what a Blog is i’d tell them although i slipped up at one point with the whole Jay Zed thing ( i will NEVER live that one down) but you see i seem to have baby brain as they call it i’m  sure it’s just because sometime’s it’s a tad bit brain numbing watching Peppa Pig and Charlie and Lola, and my brain cells are declining rapidly as speak.

Okay so i’m starting a Blog, i just wanted to explain the things that go on in a household when as a wife and mother, i stopped speaking of my dream of writing a book and put it to action. The roll of the eyes coming from our 21 yr old daughter  Gabs, Our 17 yr old son William trying to go with the flow of my up-down moods “oh wow that’s great mum, just nipping out with my mates”, and the two little ones Joshua 5 and Izaak 2 only see the laptop as a distraction for mama to ignore them and so the minute i open it up, there is A LOT of “Mama he smacked me, hes mean, i want everything in the world” malarkey, meanwhile i’m washing, cleaning, trying to concentrate, whilst singing twinkle twinkle little shit, i mean star of course (Laughing to myself here at my wonderful humor, well i find me funny at least.)

And last but not least my wonderful husband to be, who I’ve been with for 10 yrs now, still not officially married but we will be, when we are about 90 and see each other for five seconds.

He works 2 jobs, one in the morning till afternoon and one at night till 2 AM. He;s a hard working man, hes Polish you know and i’m Welsh (who the hell would think aye) He is a great father to all 4 kids and takes far too much rubbish from me, once a month i turn into a monster diva, who is never happy and hates everything in sight including him (Poor man) but at the end of the day, he is my best friend and my life partner and id be lost without him.

Michal sits and listens to me re-read my book to him, and hes so honest about it, but most importantly when i’m up putting the children to bed and i come back down he’s lit candles and my laptop is waiting for me, he says its important to live my dreams and so i am trying and i will succeed.

I’m writing a fantasy book with Celtic Mythology included of course (I cant let my homeland down now can i ) I’ve wanted to do this since i was about 7 yrs old, now’s my chance.

I’m going to document the going on’s in a normal or weird (however you see it when reading) family home whilst someone is trying to turn their dream to reality, So sit tight and enjoy the ride, because it will be bumpy at times.

Please to meet you, my name is Denise and my book is True North.





7 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Wow Denise..I love your spirit. Kudos to you for working on True North (hope i got the name of the book right)…. *respect* . Do keep posting updates about how it is turning out.. Best of luck with it!

    Ps: I love your writing style. Especially the sense of humour in it 😉

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    1. Thank you for such kind words! I have always thought i had a kind of marmite type sense of humour (love it or hate it) but it’s nice to know you like it. Yes that is the name TrueNorth. Thankyou 🙂

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